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Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful ocean air! If you can't actually enjoy balmy, tropical weather and a warm beach, settle for the next best thing - a nautical party! Throw a nautical party to take your guests to a whole new place.

Decorate with our Ocean & Sky Backdrop and Cruise Ship Deck Backdrop and your guests might forget they're still on land! You can also hang up Plastic Ship's Anchors to add some color to your party space.

As guests enter the room, hand out Cruise Ship Beads with Anchor Medallion or Neon Sailor Hats so your guests can party the night away in style.

Vicki's Party Pro has everything you need to throw a great party at a reasonable price!
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Life Preserver Photo/Balloon Holder Cruise Ship Porthole Peel 'N Place Nautical Flag Picks
Nautical Flag Picks
Our Price: $30.90
6/pack, 6oz 12/pack 600/pack, measures 2.5"
Life Preserver Peel 'N Place Cruise Ship Whirls Nautical Flag Whirls
Cruise Ship Whirls
Our Price: $32.69
Nautical Flag Whirls
Our Price: $32.69
12/pack, measures 12" x 15" 30/pack, measures 40" 30/pack, measures 40"
Ocean Bird Whirls Traveling Decorations for Sale Nautical Plates
Ocean Bird Whirls
Our Price: $32.69
Nautical Plates
Our Price: $35.23
30/pack, measures 40" 6/pack, 6oz 96/pack, measures 7"
Bon Voyage Party Tape Pelican Cutout Nautical Cascade Centerpiece
Bon Voyage Party Tape
Our Price: $35.72
Pelican Cutout
Our Price: $35.84
12/pack, measures 3" x 20' 24/pack, measures 18" 6/pack, measures 18"
Nautical Flag Cascade Centerpiece Nautical Beverage Napkins Nautical Beverage Cups
Nautical Beverage Napkins
Our Price: $38.32
Nautical Beverage Cups
Our Price: $41.41
6/pack, measures 18" 192/pack 96/pack
Plastic Lobster Plastic Crab Anchor Garland
Plastic Lobster
Our Price: $41.41
Plastic Crab
Our Price: $41.41
Anchor Garland
Our Price: $41.90
12/pack 12/pack 12/pack, measures 6" x 12'
Cruise Ship Party Pass Nautical Plates Nautical Lunch Napkins
Cruise Ship Party Pass
Our Price: $42.64
Nautical Plates
Our Price: $45.11
Nautical Lunch Napkins
Our Price: $45.11
12/pack, measures 25" 96/pack, measures 9" 192/pack
Paper Sailor Hat Cruise Ship Sign Cutouts 3-D Cruise Ship Centerpiece
Paper Sailor Hat
Our Price: $46.72
Cruise Ship Sign Cutouts
Our Price: $49.32
24/pack 48/pack, measures 4" x 24" 12/pack
Anchor Centerpiece Party Supplies for Sale Sailor Hat
Anchor Centerpiece
Our Price: $55.62
Party Stick Mounting Tabs
Our Price: $58.71
Sailor Hat
Our Price: $58.71
12/pack, measures 10" 32 tabs/pack; 12 packs/order 12/pack
Neon Sailor Hats Teal Fringed Tissue Mats Nautical Cutouts
Neon Sailor Hats
Our Price: $61.68
Teal Fringed Tissue Mats
Our Price: $61.68
Nautical Cutouts
Our Price: $61.68
12/pack 24/pack, measures 15" x 30" 48/pack
3-D Jointed Ship's Helm Centerpiece Cruise Ship Door Cover Bon Voyage Sign Banner
Cruise Ship Door Cover
Our Price: $67.98
Bon Voyage Sign Banner
Our Price: $71.07
12/pack, measures 18.5"
12/pack, measures 30" x 5' 12/pack, measures 5' x 21"
Nautical Flag Banner Claw Boppers Nautical Cutouts
Nautical Flag Banner
Our Price: $71.07
Claw Boppers
Our Price: $71.56
Nautical Cutouts
Our Price: $74.04
12/pack, measures 12' x 23" 12/pack 60/pack, measures 16"
Brown Fish Netting Pink Fish Netting Turquoise Fish Netting
Brown Fish Netting
Our Price: $74.04
Pink Fish Netting
Our Price: $74.04
Turquoise Fish Netting
Our Price: $74.04
12/pack 12/pack 12/pack
Multi-Color Outdoor Pennant Banner Patriotic 4th of July Decorations for Sale Jointed Lighthouse
Jointed Lighthouse
Our Price: $89.61
12/pack, measures 17" x 30' 12/pack, measures 17" x 30' 12/pack, measures 5'
Cruise Ship Buffet Props Arctic Cruise Props Tropical Cruise Props
Cruise Ship Buffet Props
Our Price: $89.61
Arctic Cruise Props
Our Price: $89.61
Tropical Cruise Props
Our Price: $89.61
36/pack 144/pack 180/pack
Ocean & Sky Backdrop Cruise Ship Deck Backdrop Jointed Cruise Ship | Party Supplies
Ocean & Sky Backdrop
Our Price: $108.09
Cruise Ship Deck Backdrop
Our Price: $108.09
Jointed Cruise Ship
Our Price: $108.15
6/pack, measures 4' x 30' 6/pack, measures 4' x 30' 12/pack
Measures 6'
Plastic Ship's Anchors Yacht Captain's Cap Jointed Anchor
Plastic Ship's Anchors
Our Price: $123.35
Yacht Captain's Cap
Our Price: $123.48
Jointed Anchor
Our Price: $135.84
24/pack, measures 25" 12/pack 12/pack
Plastic Life Preserver Plastic Ship's Helm Jointed Dolphin
Plastic Life Preserver
Our Price: $135.96
Plastic Ship's Helm
Our Price: $135.96
Jointed Dolphin
Our Price: $172.92
24/pack, measures 23" 24/pack, measures 24" 12/pack
Multi-Color Outdoor Pennant Banner Patriotic 4th of July Decorations for Sale
12/pack, measures 17" x 120' 12/pack, measures 17" x 120'