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Doesn't everyone love music? Show your love of music by throwing a music themed party! Whether you are throwing a party for a school choir or band, or just want to invite friends and family, we have everything you need to party the night away.

As guests enter your party, hand out Musical Instrument Beads! Your guests will love walking around with these colorful beads around their neck. You can also hand out Beads with Rock & Roll Record Medallion to keep a variety of party favors circulating your party space.

Jazz up your party space with Plastic Records and Molded Plastic Musical Notes. And don't forget to decorate the tables! Cover each table with our Musical Notes Tablecover and place Multi-Color Musical Notes Centerpiece in the middle of each table. We even have Musical Note Plates to serve up your delicious food!

Vicki's Party Pro has every musical decoration and party favor you need to throw a great party - and all at a reasonable price!
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Musical Note Plates Black Musical Note Stickers Multi-Color Musical Note Stickers
96/pack, measures 9" 48 sheets/pack 48 sheets/pack
Natural Plastic Skimmer with Music Staff & Notes Band Mardi Gras Apparel for Sale Musical Note Photo/Balloon Holder
24/pack 36/pack, measures 33" 6/pack
Gold Record Peel 'N Place Musical Notes Pop-Over Centerpiece Musical Notes Picks
Gold Record Peel 'N Place
Our Price: $30.90
Musical Notes Picks
Our Price: $30.90
12/pack 12/pack, measures 10" 600/pack
Black Fanci-Fetti Musical Notes Multi-Color Fanci-Fetti Musical Notes Musical Note Whirls
Musical Note Whirls
Our Price: $32.69
12 bags/pack 12 bags/pack 18/pack, measures 30"
Band Whirls 50's Themed Decorations Musical Note Plates
Band Whirls
Our Price: $32.69
Neon Musical Note Whirls
Our Price: $32.69
Musical Note Plates
Our Price: $35.23
30/pack 30/pack, measures 3'
96/pack, measures 7"
Plastic Record Centerpiece Personalize Plastic Record Centerpiece Black G Clef Fanci-Frame Sunglasses
12/pack, measures 9" 12/pack, measures 9" 6/pack
Musical Notes Beverage Napkins Neon Musical Notes Peel 'N Place Musical Notes Peel 'N Place
192/pack 12 sheets/pack 12 sheets/pack
Gold Plastic Record Centerpiece Musical Note Luncheon Napkins Music Award Statuette
Music Award
Our Price: $46.35
12/pack 192/pack 6/pack
Printed Piano Keyboard Table Runner Rock & Roll Shimmering Spiral Black Molded Plastic Musical Notes
12/pack, measures 11" x 6' 12/pack, measures 40" 36/pack
Mini Musical Notes Silhouettes Black Plastic Skimmer with Music Staff & Notes Band White Plastic Skimmer with Music Staff & Notes Band
240/pack 24/pack 24/pack
Musical Notes Centerpiece Musical Instrument Cutouts Molded Plastic Musical Notes
Musical Notes Centerpiece
Our Price: $55.62
12/pack, measures 15" 36/pack, measures 18" 72/pack
Piano Keyboard Runner Plastic Records Personalize Plastic Records
Piano Keyboard Runner
Our Price: $67.92
Plastic Records
Our Price: $67.98
6/pack 36/pack, measures 9" 36/pack, measures 9"
Musical Note Gleam 'N Spray Centerpiece Musical Notes Gleam 'N Spray Centerpiece Multi-Color Musical Notes Gleam 'N Spray Centerpiece
12/pack, measures 11" 12/pack, measures 11" 12/pack, measures 11"
Musical Notes Sign Banner Musical Note Silhouettes Neon Musical Note Silhouettes
Musical Notes Sign Banner
Our Price: $71.07
Musical Note Silhouettes
Our Price: $74.04
12/pack, measures 5' x 21"
144/pack 144/pack
Embossed Foil Musical Note Silhouettes Gold Plastic Records Musical Notes Tablecover
Gold Plastic Records
Our Price: $77.25
Musical Notes Tablecover
Our Price: $77.25
144/pack 36/pack 12/pack, measures 54" x 108"
Foil Musical Note Silhouettes Plastic Record Foil Musical Notes Streamer
Plastic Record
Our Price: $80.34
144/pack 12/pack, measures 19" 12/pack
Gold Plastic Record Gold Foil Musical Instrument Cutouts Black Plastic Musical Notes
Gold Plastic Record
Our Price: $95.79
12/pack, measures 19" 180/pack 84/pack, measures 13"
Mardi Gras Decorations for Sale Piano Keyboard Suspenders Mardi Gras Decorations for Sale
Piano Keyboard Suspenders
Our Price: $111.12
36/pack 12/pack 84/pack