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Make your luau one to remember by handing out novelty items! Your guests will especially like our Feathered Parrots, our Plush Shark Hat and our Palm Tree Boppers! As guests walk in, hand out fun novelty items and let the party begin!
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Custom Imprinted Test Tube Shots Palm Tree & Parrot Fanci-Frame Sunglasses Glittered Flamingo Fanci-Frame Sunglasses
Custom Imprinted Test Tube Shots
Our Price: $4.74
Sale Price: $2.30
You save $2.44!
Minimum order of 250 6/pack 6/pack
Plastic Lobster Plastic Crab Plastic Coconut Cup
Plastic Lobster
Our Price: $41.41
Plastic Crab
Our Price: $41.41
Plastic Coconut Cup
Our Price: $45.11
12/pack 12/pack 12/pack
Plastic Flamingo Flamingo Hair Clip Feathered Parrots
Plastic Flamingo
Our Price: $49.19
Flamingo Hair Clip
Our Price: $49.32
Feathered Parrots
Our Price: $49.38
24/pack 12/pack 6/pack
Coconut Cup Order Test Tube Shot Glasses Claw Boppers
Coconut Cup
Our Price: $61.18
Test Tube Shots
Our Price: $61.80
Claw Boppers
Our Price: $71.56
12/pack 72/pack 12/pack
Flamingo Boppers Plush Shark Hat Feathered Parrots
Flamingo Boppers
Our Price: $74.04
Plush Shark Hat
Our Price: $74.10
Feathered Parrots
Our Price: $80.28
12/pack 6/pack 6/pack
Plush Palm Tree Hat Plastic Fish Palm Tree Boppers
Plush Palm Tree Hat
Our Price: $80.28
Plastic Fish
Our Price: $86.40
Palm Tree Boppers
Our Price: $86.40
6/pack 60/pack 12/pack
Hula Girl Boppers Packaged Plastic Beach Babe Vest Packaged Plastic Hula Hunk Vest
Hula Girl Boppers
Our Price: $86.40
12/pack 24/pack 24/pack
Plush Flamingo Hat Red Plastic Crab Red Plastic Lobster
Plush Flamingo Hat
Our Price: $92.64
Red Plastic Crab
Our Price: $98.63
Plastic Lobster
Our Price: $98.63
6/pack 24/pack 24/pack
Plush Parrot Hat Luau Fish Hats Fish Hats
Plush Parrot Hat
Our Price: $98.82
Luau Fish Hats
Our Price: $98.82
Fish Hats
Our Price: $98.82
6/pack 6/pack 6/pack
Plush Crab Hat Plush Monkey Hat Plastic Tiki
Plush Crab Hat
Our Price: $108.15
Plush Monkey Hat
Our Price: $111.18
Plastic Tiki
Our Price: $123.35
6/pack 6/pack 24/pack
Plastic Beach Babe Vest
Plastic Beach Babe Vest
Our Price: $148.32