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You can't have a luau without a few palm trees! Purchase our 68" Inflatable Palm Tree or our 34" Inflatable Palm Tree to create the perfect tropical atmosphere for your party space. We also have an Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler for you to keep all of your drinks cold! Guests will love seeing these palm trees scattered throughout your party space. They might even forget they aren't in the tropics!
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68" Inflatable Palm Tree Inflatable Ukulele | Luau Party Supplies 34" Inflatable Palm Tree
68" Inflatable Palm Tree
Our Price: $23.68
Inflatable Ukulele
Our Price: $28.27
Inflatable Palm Tree
Our Price: $49.38
1/pack 12/pack, measures 23" 6/pack
Jumbo Tiki Inflatable Cooler | Tiki Cooler Jumbo Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler | Summer Cooler Tiki Tub Inflatable Cooler | Party Cooler
3/pack, Measures 6' 3/pack, Measures 6' 3/pack, Measures 2'
Jumbo Inflatable Palm Tree | Luau Party Supplies Jumbo Inflatable Tiki Pole | Luau Party Supplies Inflatable Palm Tree Buffet Cooler | Buffet Cooler
3/pack, measures 6' 3/pack, measures 6' 3/pack, Measures 4'
Tropical Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler | Tropical Cooler Inflatable Buffet Cooler | Party Supplies Flamingo Ring Toss Inflatable Cooler | Party Cooler
Inflatable Buffet Cooler
Our Price: $64.89
4/pack, Measures 14"x 29½" 4/pack, measures 4½" H x 54" W x 22" D 3/pack, Measures 53", Rings 7½"
Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler Inflatable Tiki Hut Cooler | Luau Party Supplies Flaming Tiki Head | Luau Party Supplies
Inflatable Tiki Hut Cooler
Our Price: $102.23
Flaming Tiki Head
Our Price: $109.03
6/pack 3/pack, measures 4' x 2½' 4/pack, measures 13"H x 9"W x 8¼"D
Inflatable Luau Buffet Cooler Tiki Bubble Machine | Luau Party Supplies Inflatable Tiki Totem Cooler
Tiki Bubble Machine
Our Price: $200.23
6/pack, measures 28" x 4' 5¾" 6/pack, measures 12 1/4" x 8 3/8" 6/pack, measures 27" x 62"