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Create a tropical theme for your New Year's Eve party and hand out leis as party favors! We have a variety of styles like flower leis, plastic leis or patriotic leis! Choose your favorite and let the fun begin!
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Luau Party Favors Luau Party Favors Luau Party Favors
Patriotic Flower Leis
Our Price: $9.78
50/pack 50/pack 50/pack
Luau Party Favors Luau Party Favors Luau Party Favors
Mega Lei Assortment
Our Price: $25.94
200/pack 50/pack 100/pack
Luau Party Favor for Sale Luau Party Favors for Sale Solid Color Lei Assortment | Party Supplies
200/pack 100/pack 100/pack
Multicolor Leis | party supplies Box of Assorted Poly Leis | party supplies Cool Two-Tone Fringe Leis | party leis
Multicolor Leis
Our Price: $22.25
Box of Assorted Poly Leis
Our Price: $38.73
Cool Two-Tone Fringe Leis
Our Price: $15.76
12 packs of 3, measures 36" 6/packs of 25 Total of 150
Measures 36"
12/packs of 3 Total of  36
Measures 36"
Warm Two-Tone Fringe Leis | party supplies Rainbow Flower Leis | party leis Rainbow Poly Fringe Leis | party leis
Warm Two-Tone Fringe Leis
Our Price: $15.76
Rainbow Flower Leis
Our Price: $30.13
Rainbow Poly Fringe Leis
Our Price: $19.47
12/packs of 3 total of 36
Measures 36"
6/packs of 6 total of 36
Measures 40"
1/pack of 36
Measures 36"
Colorful Poly Leis | party supplies Assortment Color Poly Leis | party supplies Multicolor Floral Leis | Party supplies
Colorful Poly Leis
Our Price: $79.05
Multicolor Floral Leis
Our Price: $79.57
6 packs of 50 Total of 300
Measures 36"
1/pack of 144
Measures 36"
4/pack of 25 Total of 100
Measures 36"