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Wristbands for Fairs and Festivals

Vicki's Party Pro provides a wide assortment of inexpensive wristbands to track admission and easily identify paying customers. Our wristbands feature vibrant colors for high visibility, different styles and feature numerous customization/security options. Each wristband can be customized and contain specific details about access restrictions, VIP access and staff identification. They can also be personalized with information specific to each guest, using variable data printing. This enables venues to use different color and custom printed message combinations each day to prevent counterfeiting as well as non-paying guests from entering the establishment.

All of our wristbands are fully adjustable to any wrist size, waterproof, non-transferable and durable enough to withstand extreme wear and tear. Both adhesive (paper) wristband and snap wristbands are sequentially numbered so you can easily to track admissions and prize winners during your hosted events.

Customizing your Wristbands

Start “wrist marketing” with custom printed wristbands. Imagine having thousands of guests wearing wristbands with your logo, sponsors' logos, event dates and advertising special offers. Ask your sponsors to help pay for your event wristbands by custom printing their logos, brands and advertisements on the wristbands.

Often guests will remove the wristbands when they get home, try placing a custom printed bounce back promotion on the underside of the wristbands. Guests can use their own unique band number to redeem a prize on your web site or at your next event. Your custom printed wristbands also become souvenirs that the guests wear home.

During the summer months, you many have large volumes of tourists visiting your parks. Custom printing your wristbands with a creative designs, messages and advertisements will entice people to either leave the wristbands on (giving you more exposure) or retain them as a souvenir.

Custom Options
- Logo

- Text

- Barcode

- Variable Data

- Sequential Numbering

- Alpha-numeric Numbering

- 1-Color Imprint

- Full-Color Printing

- UV Security Printing

- Backside printing

- Detachable tab printing and numbering

- Custom Printed up to 10 business days from Artwork Approval

How to use ID Wristbands at your facilities

Our wristbands are used for a variety of applications, not only for access control and identification. Because of its versatility, it is one of the most commonly used solutions by amusement park and water park venues.

- Identifying guests who have all-day access
- Use wristbands for VIP identification and passes
- Wristbands can be used as wearable tickets for general admission and re-entry, to prevent ticket loss
- Wristbands are great for child identification in case they get lost
- Wristbands easily identify guests with special access privileges (press room, private executive suites, viewing areas, etc)
- Use wristbands to identify guests with special needs
- Wristbands can be used for drinking age identification for those venues who serve alcoholic beverages
- Identification for groups of people (parties, school groups, corporate, church groups, etc)
- Use custom printed wristbands with your venue details as a promotional tool and giveaway souvenir
- Prevent littering at your facilities by using our Litter-free Tyvek wristbands
- Detachable stub/ticket wristbands can be used by guests to participate in draws, raffles or to redeem sponsored food and beverages