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Wristbands for Camps and Campgrounds

Vicki's Party Pro wristbands are available in highly visible solid colors and colorful patterns that can be worn by campers and/or staff. Wristbands are non-transferable and ideal for general admission, identifying guests who have special access or needs (allergies, medication, emergency contact details,  etc). We strongly suggest that you use a variety of different colors for each day and customized your wristbands to prevent counterfeiting.

All stock and custom printed wristbands are adjustable to fit any wrist size, stretch resistant and tamper evident. Each wristband is sequentially numbered to track admissions to the campgrounds. They can be customized to leave a designated area to write the camper’s name, age, campground lot, vehicle plate #, etc. Alternatively, you can print the camper’s details on a laser/inkjet label and adhere it to the band.

Customizing your Wristbands

Customize your wristbands. Imagine having thousands of guests over a course of a year, wearing wristbands with your logo, sponsors' logos, event dates and advertising special offers. Why not ask your sponsors to help pay for your event wristbands by custom printing their logos, brands and advertisements on the wristbands.

Custom printing your wristbands with a creative designs, messages and advertisements will entice people to either leave the wristbands on (giving you more exposure) or retain them as a souvenir.

Custom Options
- Logo

- Text

- Barcode

- Variable Data

- Sequential Numbering

- Alpha-numeric Numbering

- 1-Color Imprint

- Full-Color Printing

- UV Security Printing

- Backside printing

- Detachable tab printing and numbering

- Custom Printed up to 10 business days from Artwork Approval

How to use ID Wristbands at your facilities

- Camper identification

- Use wristbands as season passes

- Wristbands can be used as wearable tickets for general admission and re-entry, to prevent ticket loss

- Wristbands are great for child find identification in case they get lost

- Wristbands easily identify guests with special needs(dietary requirements, allergies, medication, etc)

- Wristbands can be used for drinking age identification

- Identification for camp groups, assigned their lodging and activity areas

- Use custom printed wristbands with your venue details as a promotional tool and giveaway souvenir

- Prevent littering at your facilities by using our Litter-free Tyvek wristbands

- Detachable stub/ticket wristbands can be used by campers to rent camping equipment (stub and wristband have a matching serial number)

- Wristbands are perfect for tagging personal items and luggage