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You can't have a great party without great decorations! If you are throwing an Awards Night party, you have come to the right place to find hanging decorations. Hang up our Movie Set Stringers or Printed Filmstrip Whirls to get the perfect look for your party space. Your guests will love partying with fun decorations hanging above them!
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Hollywood Film Cutouts | Party Supplies Hollywood Clapboard Cutouts | Party Supplies Hollywood Projector Cutouts | Party Supplies
Hollywood Film Cutouts
Our Price: $3.09
Measures 8"
Measures 10 1/2"
Measures 13"
Hollywood Star Cutouts | Party Supplies Hollywood String Decorations | Party Supplies Movie Set Stringer
Hollywood Star Cutouts
Our Price: $11.74
Movie Set Stringer
Our Price: $24.72
Measures 15"
6 units/pack
Measures 7'
New Year's Eve Decorations for Sale Oktoberfest Hanging Decorations for Sale New Year's Eve Decorations for Sale
Assorted Twirly Whirlys
Our Price: $30.84
36/pack 36/pack 36/pack
New Year's Eve Decorations for Sale Printed Filmstrip Whirls New Year's Eve Decorations for Sale
Printed Filmstrip Whirls
Our Price: $32.69
36/pack 18/pack, measures 30" 18/pack, measures 30"
New Year's Eve Decorations for Sale Awards Night Whirls New Year's Eve Decorations for Sale
Awards Night Whirls
Our Price: $32.69
18/pack, measures 30" 30/pack, measures 40" 30/pack, measures 3'
New Year's Eve Decorations for Sale Black & Gold Star Firework Stringer Celebrities Only Party Tape
30/pack, measures 3' 12/pack, measures 7' 12/pack
Popcorn Party Tape Popcorn Bags Hollywood Glossy Party Tape | Party Supplies
Popcorn Party Tape
Our Price: $35.72
Popcorn Bags
Our Price: $36.46
12/pack 180/pack 9/pack
Measures 30'
Popcorn Bags Gold Star Stringer Hollywood Lantern Garland | Party Supplies
Popcorn Bags
Our Price: $36.96
Gold Star Stringer
Our Price: $37.08
Hollywood Lantern Garland
Our Price: $42.95
300/pack 12/pack 6/pack
Measures 12'
Hollywood Fabric Floor Runner | Party Supplies Red Carpet Wall Decorating Kit | Party Supplies VIP Pennant Banner
VIP Pennant Banner
Our Price: $44.37
Measures 15' x 2'
6 units/pack
Measures 65" x 65" combined
12/pack, measures 10" x 12'
New Year's Eve Decorations for Sale Filmstrip Border Trim Hollywood Fluffy Assortment | Party Supplies
Filmstrip Border Trim
Our Price: $48.82
12/pack, measures 44" 12/pack 3/unit
6 units/pack
Measures 16"
Lights! Camera! Action! Door Decoration | Party Supplies Hollywood Round Lantern | Party Supplies Black & Gold Star Shimmering Spiral
Hollywood Round Lantern
Our Price: $49.13
Measures 48" x 36"
6 sets/pack
Measures 8", 12", 16"
12/pack, measures 40"
Black & Gold Jumbo Star Whirl Black & Silver Jumbo Star Whirl Hollywood Fringe Table Decorating Kit | Party Supplies
12/pack, measures 48" 12/pack, measures 48" 9 kits/pack
Hollywood Latex Balloons | Party Supplies Lights! Camera! Action! Value Pack Foil Swirl | Party Supplies Hollywood Decorating Kit | Party Supplies
Hollywood Latex Balloons
Our Price: $61.18
Hollywood Decorating Kit
Our Price: $61.49
12 units/pack
Measures 12"
12 pieces/set
12 sets/pack
Lights! Camera! Action! Foil Ceiling Decoration | Party Supplies Hollywood Mega Value Pack Foil Swirl | Party Supplies Buy Red Stanchion Rope
Red Tissue Stanchion Rope
Our Price: $61.68
Measures 12" x 10'
30 pieces/set
6 sets/pack
12/pack, measures 8'
Foil Welcome Streamer Black & Gold Star Garland/Column Black & Gold FR Metallic Star Garland
Foil Welcome Streamer
Our Price: $61.68
12/pack, measures 8" x 65½" 12/pack, measures 12" x 9' 12/pack, measures 12'
Black & Silver FR Metallic Star Garland Filmstrip Garland Awards Night Restroom Door Cover
Filmstrip Garland
Our Price: $67.98
12/pack, measures 12' 12/pack, measures 4½" x 12' 12/pack
Awards Night Sign Banner Black & Gold Star Shimmer Garland Black & Silver Star Shimmer Garland
Awards Night Sign Banner
Our Price: $71.07
12/pack, measures 21" x 60" 12/pack, measures 10' 12/pack, measures 10'
Gold Foil Star Cutouts Movie Set Ceiling Decoration The Stars Are Out Black & Gold Ceiling Decor
Gold Foil Star Cutouts
Our Price: $74.04
Movie Set Ceiling Decor
Our Price: $74.10
6/pack 6/pack, measures 12" x 12'
The Stars Are Out Black & Silver Ceiling Decor Hollywood Hi-Hat Gold 3-Tier Shimmering Chandelier
Hollywood Hi-Hat
Our Price: $76.99
12/pack, measures 12" x 12' 25/pack 6/pack, measures 4'
Silver 3-Tier Shimmering Chandelier 3-Tier Shimmering Chandelier 3-Tier Shimmering Chandelier
6/pack, measures 4' 6/pack 6/pack
Hollywood Mega Value Pack Cutouts | Party Supplies Black & Gold 1-Ply FR Gleam 'N Curtain Black & Silver 1-Ply FR Gleam 'N Curtain
12 units/pack
Measures 5", 7" and 11 1/2"
6/pack, measures 8' x 3' 6/pack, measures 8' x 3'
Filmstrip Poly Decorating Material Admission Ticket Tape Poly Decorating Material Star Filmstrip Poly Decorating  Material
12/pack, measures 3" x 50' 12/pack 12/pack
Hollywood Foil Fringe Banner w/Glitter Letters | Party Supplies Hollywood Round Gold & Black Lantern | Party Supplies Black & Gold Star Party Panels
Measures 10' x 11 1/2"
12 units/pack
Measures 9 1/2"
Black & Silver Star Party Panels Jumbo Paper Lanterns Glittered Awards Night Streamer
Jumbo Paper Lantern
Our Price: $98.82
36/pack 6/pack 12/pack, measures 8.5" x 9'
Black & Silver Fabric Bunting Fabric Aisle Runner | Party Supplies Glittered Hollywood Streamer
Fabric Aisle Runner
Our Price: $123.29
6/pack 6/pack
Measures 40' x 36"
12/pack, measures 8.5" x 8'
Filmstrip Poly Decorating Material Filmstrip Metallic Decorating Material
3/pack 12/pack, measures 15" x 25'